Cirrus Data Services

Cirrus Data Services was established to help meet the growing demand for wholesale and hyperscale collocation data centers. Our team of data center experts have extensive experience in mission critical development, design and engineering, construction, and facilities operations. CirrusDS is a subsidiary of Gardner Company based in Salt Lake City, UT.

Gardner Company is an organization whose goals are to minimize risks and maximize potential of real estate developments. Our firm has years of hands-on experience in initial planning, financing, governmental design, development incentives, leasing, legal, construction, and property management. Throughout each of these steps, we are determined to be efficient and cost-effective.

No matter what the circumstances or conditions, we always strive to transform market challenges into successful ventures. Whether we build from the ground up or improve them upon acquisition, we strive to produce assets that will appreciate for years to come. Gardner’s ability to deliver quality projects is the key reason for our long term success. This is done by providing professional service for every aspect of the development process.


One of the objectives of Gardner Company and Cirrus Data Services is to design and construct buildings that minimize the impact on the environment, improve the surroundings and enhance the workplace experience for our tenants. This especially applies to data centers and mission critical facilities with our emphasis in reducing Total Cost of Ownership. We are dedicated to construction buildings that are LEED certified, implement state of the art technology in energy efficiency, and are cost effective. Our goals is to use the latest technology in construction and materials so that the buildings we build reduce our carbon footprint, are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

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Cirrus Data Services a Subsidiary of Gardner Company

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